January 08, 2007

the anti-progress left

Just a quickie, Brendan O'Neill is complaining in the Guardian about the terrible yoof of today. The whoever the sub-editor was sums his argument up as them being sanctimonious, censorious, snobbish and anti-progress. But I wonder if anyone is going to mention that the groups that he complains about are all on what is often called the 'left' or involved in causes that the 'left' has taken as it's own.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thats the problem with labelling, they only serve those which are doing it...normally by seeking to smear one group via another.
Having read some of your posts, I would appear to be a hobby of yours, be they 'lefty' or 'Europeany' etc etc.
Welcome to the Blogosphere!

2:27 pm  

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